Corvette C5 LED Flasher Bypass Harness

Fix your Corvette's Hyperflash problem

corvette hyperflash harness

Installed LED lights on your C5 Corvette and now you have the Rapid " Hyper-Flash issue" ? or your planning on installing them? This is the correct and safe way to fix the hyper flash/rapid flash problem without using the dangerous "Load Equalizers" or "Load Resistors". The Load Equalizers/Resistors generate excessive heat and have been known to melt wiring and other parts on the car over time and also required you to install them on each of the cars lights. The Electronic Flasher Bypass Harness Module is manufactured using factory connectors to provide a straight Plug in solution. The bypass harness plugs into the factory harness with no cutting or splicing involved. Installation instructions are included and requires about 20 minutes to install. Will also work with sequential tail lights! If your original factory flasher has failed or starting to fail the Flasher Bypass Harness Module may solve that also without having to do a major disassembly of your dash.