Suzuki dealer mode tool, cross # 09930-82720

Suzuki dealer mode tool . Assembled in house with new connectors, terminals, and seals cross reference Suzuki # 09930-82720.

Suzuki dealer mode tool with the 6 pins connector which fits all the newer Suzuki FI models after 2003 This device will allow you to read the memorized error codes of your ECU and to adjust the throttle position sensor.

Its very easy to use: You connect the dealer mode switch to the dealer mode coupler under the drivers seat (a white six pins female connector with a black rubber dust cap), then you turn the ignition on and when you turn on the switch the TPS bar and the memorized error codes will be displayed on your LCD panel This tool comes with a completely sealed connector and a switch with threads and nut on the one side. This means that it can be permanently applied on your bike and turned on when you want to read the error codes or to adjust your TPS The error codes description and the procedure to adjust your throttle position sensor can be found on your service manual

This tool fits the following Suzuki models with the 6 pins connector:

Hayabusa 1300 2004-on

B-King 1300 2007-on

GsxR 1000 2004-on

GsxR 750 2004-on

GsxR 600 2004-on

GSR 750 2010-on

GSR 600 2005-2010

GSF Bandit 1250 2007-on

GSF Bandit 650 2007-on

GSX 1400 2004-2007

GSX 1250 FA 2010-on

GSX 650 2008-on

SV 1000 2003-2007

SV 650 2003-on

DL 1000 v-strom 2004-on

DL 650 v-strom 2004-on

C 1500 Intruder 2005-on

C 800 Intruder 2005-on

M 1500 Intruder 2005-on

M 800 Intruder 2005-on

C 1800 R Intruder 2006-on

M 1800 R Intruder 2006-on

C109R Boulevard 2006-on

M109R Boulevard 2006-on

LTA 700 King Quad all models

LTA 750 King Quad all models